3″ Thick Hollow Wood Shelves

$199.99 CAD

3″ thick Hollow Shelves can be added to virtually any space.  Choose to anchor your fireplace wall, add decorative accents to your bedroom or pile them with beautiful Turkish towels in your bathroom! With many sizes to choose from, there is certain to be something to suit your needs.

Bolts, screws or wall anchors are NOT included.



Dark Roast

Special Walnut



Manitoba Harvest


Dusty Shore

Driftwood [+$25.00 CAD]

Stone Grey

Beachwood [+$25.00 CAD]

Manitoba Winter [+$35.00 CAD]

1/8" Round Over

3/8" Round Over

1/2" Round Over

3/4" Round Over

Consistent Edge

Shaped Edge

No Saw Marks

Saw Marks [+$15.00 CAD]

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