Rylan End Table

From: $575.00 CAD

This beautiful rustic end table would be a beautiful addition to your family room or cottage. Its clean lines create a warm and inviting atmosphere to any living space. Perfectly paired with its matching Rylan coffee table, this combo is sure to invite many conversations over a hot cup of coffee through the years.



Dark Roast

Special Walnut



Manitoba Harvest


Dusty Shore

Driftwood [+$35.00 CAD]

Stone Grey

Beachwood [+$35.00 CAD]

Manitoba Winter [+$55.00 CAD]

1/8" Round Over

3/8" Round Over

1/2" Round Over

3/4" Round Over

Consistent Edge

Shaped Edge

No Saw Marks

Saw Marks [+$50.00 CAD]

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20" Wide x 20" Long x 20" High, 24" Wide x 24" Long x 20" High, 14" Wide x 20" Long x 24" High

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