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Straight from the Victorian English countryside, this trestle design has its roots in being a symbol of hospitality, friendship and good food. Historically, trestle tables are brought out during festivals and banquets, lending an air of elegance and nobility to the space it will rest in. This piece, full of intrinsic character, is made of beautiful handcrafted and reclaimed barnwood and will be the place where secrets are spilled, food is served and memories are made for generations in your family.
Standard width size is 40 inches & length is customizable from 60 inches to 120 inches. Our standard height is 30 inches. Ainsworth table in photo is 40 inches by 108 inches.


Black Charcoal

Dark Roast

Special Walnut



Manitoba Harvest


Dusty Shore

Driftwood [+$95.00 CAD]

Stone Grey

Beachwood [+$95.00 CAD]

Manitoba Winter [+$125.00 CAD]

Mountain Top [+$125.00 CAD]

Prairie Grey

Rocky Mountain Grey




Saw Marks [+$65.00 CAD]

Standard PBW Branding

No PBW Branding

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Table Size

40" Wide x 60" Long, 40" Wide x 72" Long, 40" Wide x 84" Long, 40" Wide x 96" Long, 40" Wide x 108" Long, 40" Wide x 120" Long

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