Livingstone Coffee Table

What an incredible and modern piece of art. Combining the beauty of rustic and modern, the Livingstone is the perfect pair of metal and rustic wood. A lovely addition to any living space, this piece is sure to be the center of your family room or cottage.  The standard height is 14″, and is available in standard sizes of
24″ W x 44″ L, 24″ W x 48″ L, 24″ W x 60″ L, and 28″ W x 60″ L. Customize your own coffee table with the choice of barn wood or new rustic wood.

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24" Wide x 44" Long x 14" High, 24" Wide x 48" Long x 14" High, 24" Wide x 60" Long x 14" High, 28" Wide x 60" Long x 14" High

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