Monterrey Coffee Table

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Our Monterrey coffee table is very similar to our Livingstone coffee table, can you spot the difference? A base shelf is what sets these two apart. What can easily be described as an incredible and modern piece of art, this coffee table is in a league of its own. The metal frame paired up with rustic barn wood makes this piece perfect for any style and decor.



Dark Roast

Special Walnut



Manitoba Harvest


Dusty Shore

Driftwood [+$35.00 CAD]

Stone Grey

Beachwood [+$35.00 CAD]

Manitoba Winter [+$55.00 CAD]

1/8" Round Over

3/8" Round Over

1/2" Round Over

3/4" Round Over

Consistent Edge

Shaped Edge

No Saw Marks

Saw Marks [+$50.00 CAD]

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24" Wide x 44" Long x 14" High, 24" Wide x 48" Long x 14" High, 24" Wide x 60" Long x 14" High, 28" Wide x 40" Long x 14" High

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