Souris Bar stool 30″ – Design 2

$395.00 CAD

A hand crafted saddle seat, which is comfortable. Great for any home island. This is a unique bar stool in how it is crafted, there is not one screw in it, it is all held together with our 7/8″ dowels, glued and clamped for 8 hours. The clamps are removed and we sand it to the wood texture of your choice. The bar stool is pleasing and adds a great presence to any room it is in. Our standard height for barstool design 2 is 30″ (compatible with 42″ high counters), and can be adjusted to fit your home.


Black Charcoal

Dark Roast

Special Walnut



Manitoba Harvest


Dusty Shore

Driftwood [+$35.00 CAD]

Stone Grey

Beachwood [+$35.00 CAD]

Manitoba Winter [+$50.00 CAD]

Mountain Top [+$50.00 CAD]

Prairie Grey

Rocky Mountain Grey




Saw Marks [+$35.00 CAD]

Standard PBW Branding

No PBW Branding


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